Ruth Levitsky@ Zlatanova Music Studio

Ruth Levitsky,Boston,MA

Karla Fernandez-Madrid,Spain

If you love music and want to learn more, this is the perfect studio for you!I am very lucky to have found an accomplished and passionate viola teacher. The online lessons are very well structured with the aim to get you to the next levels of confidence and improvement with the instrument. Sofija is always patient, informative and has a creative and fun way of teaching the viola  techniques which helped me to gain a clear understanding. I will undoubtedly be using their online music lessons again in the near future!

Richelle Ferrington -London,UK

 I'm very happy to have Sofija to teach my 4 children. We previously had another tutor who taught my children for many months. It was alright but my children would only aim to get a pass in all the exams they were taking. I'm glad that  Sofija has inspired them to enjoy practising the violin and also to do everything with excellence. 

Mounir Ouhadi-Cambridge,MA

I first met Sofija when she was introducing people from all ages to viola and violin at one of the Boston Symphony Orchestra events. Her demonstrated mastery of the instruments combined with her unique teaching style helped me in a record time achieve great progress for someone like me who never thought would be able to able to play the violin at an advanced age. I highly recommend her private lessons for any adult wishing to learn quickly the best violin techniques without feeling any pressure .