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 Do you wish you had access to better teachers? Tired of driving your child all over town for lessons? Taking music lessons via webcam is incredibly convenient and it’s also safe for your child to do on their own while you have some time to yourself. If you live where you don’t have easy access to quality music instruction, now you can work with our experienced staff. Skip the commute – or upgrade from that mediocre teacher down the street – and take advantage of the latest technology. You can easily connect with us on your laptop, tablet, or right on your phone. If you travel often for work and this has been a deterrent to committing to music lessons, studying via webcam is the answer. You could have a lesson in a different city every week! 

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Learn the fundamentals of Playing Viola or Violin at your own pace. Learn about posture and hand position, reading notes, playing chords, doubles stops and 8ve's, triplets , solfeggio!

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