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Individual Single Lessons Plan

Individual Single lessons offer you total flexibility. Simply pay and schedule as you go. Buy as many as you want, when you want. Schedule them one at a time at your convenience. Add a lesson at the last minute. Perfect for students with dynamic schedules.


• Buy one lesson (or more) anytime • Schedule one lesson (or more) at a time • No long-term contracts • Reschedule any lesson with 3 business days’ notice • Open enrollment – start anytime • No hidden fees, no registration fees  


• Review our policies



Individual, Friends & Family (Group) 4-Pack Lessons Plan

The 4-Pack is an easy way to see if Zlatanova Music Studio is right for you. With a limited commitment for the student, this plan is discounted (7 %*), and weekly lessons are recommended, but other arrangements are possible. The 4-Pack is also a good choice for students who are in Boston for a limited time, or for those preparing for a fast-approaching audition. 


· Save 7%*

· Simple payments

o Pay for your 4 lessons up front

· No long-term contracts

· Complimentary make-up lessons 3x/year

· Open enrollment – start anytime

· No hidden fees, no registration fees


· Schedule 4 lessons at the time of purchase for Individuals or entire groups

· Friends & Family (Group) should be at least a group of 2  and at most a group of 4 students

· Review our policies 


Individual, Friends & Family (Group) Membership Plan.

The Individual, Friends & Family (Group) Membership Plans makes taking music lessons easy. Designed for adult students and kids alike, this is the ideal plan for students who generally want regular weekly lessons at the best price per lesson.


· Receive the best price per lesson – save over $1000 per year for the Individual Membership Plan!*

· 20% off for the Individual Membership Plan**

· No long-term contracts

o NOT a year-long commitment!

o Drop out anytime with 1 month notice

· Awesome Member – Individual or Group-  benefits including:

o FREE Group Music Workshops

· Regular payments in easy automatic monthly installments

o Simple payments with your card on file, on the 1st of each month

o Price based on 4 lessons/month

o Adjusted every quarter as needed

· Simple weekly scheduling

o Simply choose your preferred time and day

· Rescheduling available (please see policies)

· No charge for weeks when you are unavailable

· Complimentary make-up lessons 3x/year

· Open enrollment – become a member anytime

· No hidden fees, no registration fees


· Four – Individual or Group- Lessons must be scheduled per month unless agreed

· Friends & Family (Group) should be at least a group of 2  and at most a group of 4 students

· Current billing information kept on file

· 2 months (first/last) due upon enrollment

o Prorated if starting mid-month

· Accounts are paid one to two months forward

o Example: If you join on Jan 1st, you pay for Jan and Feb up front, and on Feb 1st your card is automatically charged for March; etc.

· 1 month notice to dropout

o Due by the 1st of the month

· Review our policies


Questions and Answers


Should I purchase the Individual/Group 4-Pack or the Individual/Group Membership Plan?

A: We recommend the Individual/Group Membership Plan, as it offers you a better price and other advantages. And most students will need a minimum of 3 months of lessons. However, the Individual/Group 4 Pack is less of a commitment – simply pay for your four lessons and schedule with our office. If you’re only in Boston for a month or less, a 4-pack may be best.

Q: I have an irregular work schedule. Is the Individual/Group 4-Pack right for me?

A: Perhaps, but please contact us. We encourage you to discuss the Individual/Group Membership Plan possibilities with our office staff, but the Individual/Group 4-Pack may be better suited for those with irregular schedules. We also offer individual single lessons.Still have questions? We’re here to help.

Not sure if the 4-Pack is right for you? Contact us and will be glad to help you set up your lesson plan.*Compared to individual single lesson prices !




Can I change my regular lesson day/time?

A: Yes. Please review our policies for your scheduling options.

Q: Am I still be charged for a lesson if I don’t have a lesson scheduled for a particular week? 

A: Nope (see Adjustments and Scheduling in the policies).

Q: I’m only in Boston for 3 months – can I still become a Member? 

A: Yes. You can specify an end date to your membership when you enroll, or you can always give one month notice to end your membership.

Q: Can I start in the middle of the month? 

A: Yes. You can start anytime, and we will prorate your first month’s payment.

Q: I don’t want to dropout, but I’m going to be away/very busy for a specific time period coming up. Can I put my individual membership on hold? 

A: Yes, with 2 weeks’ notice. While we recommend weekly study, however we can pause your membership. Depending on the circumstances, we may need to arrange a new lesson day/time for you when you return. Group membership cannot be put on-hold for individual members.

Q: I’m not sure how long I’d like to study with you. Should I still join the Individual Membership Plan? 

A: Yes. The Individual Membership Plan requires a 3-month minimum commitment. For most students, 3 months of lessons is a good starting point. If after a few lessons you’re still not sure, you can simply fill out a dropout form (due by the 1st of the month), and you won’t be committed to any lessons beyond what you initially committed for. If after the 3-month period you decide you’d like to continue, you can simply re-join the Individual Membership Plan. We also offer single lessons and the 4-pack.

Still have questions? We’re here to help.Not sure if the membership plan is right for you? Contact us and will be glad to help you set up your lesson plan.*Individual Membership price compared to individual single lesson price, 60-minute lessons, and 52 weeks/year. **Compared to individual single lesson prices 



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